A New Farming Roleplaying Sim

GrimFarm is a new project from Zugalu Entertainment, one that looks to bring a somber, yet humorous take to the typically happy-go-lucky, beloved Farming Roleplaying Sim genre.

About The Game

In GrimFarm (a Farming Roleplaying Sim), a humble village is transformed after tragedy strikes a nearby kingdom, which brings new challenges and threats to the lives of its inhabitants. Players take on the role of a local farmer and will work the land, develop relationships, and explore the wild and dangerous lands that surround them. Time marches ever-onward, transforming and challenging the player as the world responds and adjusts to the actions of generations’ past. Once a young adult, the Player Character will reach their elder years, and must hand down ownership, skills, and traditions to their next generation.

Innovative Aspects

A unique generational time progression system, where players begin their journey as a young adult, and age until death. Players can select from any living member of their family to become their new Player Character. The skills and traditions of the previous generations are passed down to offspring. Not only does the player’s character and family age, but so too does the world and its inhabitants. Relationships, conflicts, farmland, and creatures will all shift and alter as time goes on.

A distinctive 'Stylized Realism' art approach will take GrimFarm away from the traditional bright aesthetic of Farming Sims and into a more foreboding place. This darker, grittier world will have an atmosphere of imminent threat and despair, and nod to realism through a high-poly art style. Natural and supernatural threats, the potential for illness, and the ravages of time are conveyed through the art and models of this world. This design is key to distinguishing GrimFarm from the expected competition, and to evoke the desired mood of the title.


GrimFarm invites players to experience a grittier Farming Roleplaying Sim, with unpredictable threats and mysteries to uncover, generation after generation.


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